STEP is affordable and effective. Contact us for details.

STEP is a fun and transformative training for everyone that provides evidence-based tools to improve relationships, reduce stress, and address trauma. Contact us to schedule.

STEP provides support for the following:

  • Pandemics & Natural Disasters
  • Racism & Discrimination 
  • Grief & Loss
  • School Shootings, Family, & Community Violence
  • Staff Retention
  • General Stress

Who might benefit?

Almost anyone! Adults who work high-stress jobs or who work closely with those who do are who STEP is designed to serve. This includes people who experience increased stress, fear, grief, sadness, anxiety, and/or a lack of social support/increased social isolation. STEP can be delivered in professional settings at conferences or in a more personal setting in small groups.

What is covered?

Each of STEP’s six modules are interactive and include evidence-based and easy to remember tools, activities, video clips, and small group discussions. The 6 modules cover: 1. Stress & Trauma Basics, 2. Recognizing Judgement and its Impacts, 3. Understanding our Emotions, 4. Social Interactions Reduce Stress, 5. Understanding Grief & Loss, and 6. Managing Uncertainty.  We can add additional topics to assure the training meets your needs.


STEP is flexible and tailored to the needs of the group or organization. STEP includes a series of six modules which can be delivered in person or virtually. We’ll meet with you to evaluate which modules are best suited for your event/team. STEP has been successfully delivered to audiences of over 1,000 at large conferences, at multi-day trainings, as well as to small groups.  We utilize all the latest technology and teaching best practices to provide a fun, informative, and transformative experience.

Is this group therapy?

Not really. This is a fun education and skills group that provides a safe structured space for peer-to-peer support and connection. The idea is to help you increase your understanding of the impact of stress and trauma on your well-being socially, psychologically, behaviorally, and emotionally, and to help you increase skills to manage increased stressors and burdens.


Thanks to generous donors and sponsors, we’ll work with you to find a budget that meets your needs. Contact us for a quote and further details. As a nonprofit, we look to cover the costs associated with program delivery, but we do our best to provide STEP where it’s needed most.

How will STEP help?

85% of participants feel prepared to respond to stress and traumatic experiences as a result of STEP!

95% of STEP participants rate the STEP program VERY helpful!

72% continue using STEP skills and knowledge at least six weeks after participating in the program!

Who has already taken STEP?

Over 4,000 individuals to date! This includes teachers, medical personnel, military, law enforcement, social workers, refugees, first responders, mental health professionals, software engineers, and more!


Ok, I'm ready to take the first STEP!

Contact us to schedule a STEP training for your group or organization!  Email for more information or call (401)330-0442.

Managing Fear & Grief (NEABPD Webinar) with Dr. Alan Fruzzetti

In this hour-long presentation, Dr. Fruzzetti explains how to manage painful emotions such as fear and grief psychologically, and how to use social connection to soothe our emotions and build good relationships..


“I could not start the weekend without letting you know how wonderful today’s STEP presentation was received.  My email is saturated with social workers who attended virtually and in person about how much they appreciated your work.” 

-Tina Puccio, Director, United Federation of Teachers


“STEP is well scaffolded, easy to digest, and has easy to implement tools. Even those that have done this work can benefit greatly from the way this material is laid out and the re-focus.”

-Dr. Samantha Armstrong Ash, Dean of Students, Eastern Washington University


“This was one Zoom meeting I actually looked forward to every week.”

– Felicia – Case Manager


“This was what I and our staff needed. STEP opened our eyes to some issues and gave myself and our staff the tools to address them.” 

-Principal Jabez Harlan


“I absolutely loved STEP. The openness of the people in my group willing to share their stories, and all the tools we learned were excellent.”

– Amanda – Social Work Professor


“STEP was a wonderful opportunity. I would repeat this training again without hesitation.”

– Mary Pat O’Leary RN, BSN, Senior Planning & Development Specialist, City of Seattle


“STEP was my favorite training by far. Many trainings say they’re interactive but aren’t. This one absolutely is and I feel I took away more that way.”

– James – First Responder


“STEP was a highly relevant training I didn’t know I needed. The tools are easy to remember, and I can both use them myself and share them with patients. Thank you to the geniuses who developed this.”

– Brittany – Therapist