Stressful and traumatic events are part of everyone’s lives.

The Center for Trauma and Stress Education (CTSE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping prevent long-term consequences of stress and trauma.


Stress and Trauma Education Program (STEP)

This popular and innovative education and skills program was developed by Drs. Fruzzetti, Kaplan and Payne to help people address and prevent stress and trauma.

Racism is Stress & Trauma

Leaders in education & teaching skills to combat racism.

Secondary Trauma

Exposure to a variety of stressful situations, exposure to trauma directly or indirectly, consultation to businesses, agencies, institutions, and unions.


“Really appreciated connecting on a deeper level with my colleagues. These (STEP) groups provided us with a space to really process some of the events, struggles, and hardships we’ve experienced as staff at a hospital during a pandemic. The tools have been very useful as well and I’ve used many of them weekly. I appreciated the emotion wave surfer analogy and being more honest and affirming in my communication.”

– Emergency Room Doctor

“The (STEP) Group was one Zoom meeting I couldn’t wait to attend every week. The tools it provided were life-changing and the support greatly appreciated.”

– College Professor

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Center for Trauma and Stress Education

Center for Trauma and Stress Education

CTSE is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping prevent the possible long-term negative conse

Today we’re presenting STEP (Stress and Trauma Education Program) to educational professionals with the United Federation of Teachers in New York. We’re thankful for our educators and those who work with and support them. ... See MoreSee Less
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Last week we provided our innovative STEP (Stress & Trauma Education Program) over two days to school staff and leaders from the East Valley School District and the North East Washington Educational Service District. For more information on STEP visit ... See MoreSee Less
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Priority Spokane is helping the United State’s Air Force personnel take a STEP toward a healthier tomorrow.STEP, the acronym for Stress & Trauma Education Program, was developed by Priority Spokane and the Center for Trauma and Stress Education. The six-module program provides participants with evidence-based tools to reduce stress and trauma."Our last county-wide assessment identified trauma as a root cause of many issues we face," Priority Spokane Executive Director Ryan Oelrich said. "We like to say STEP is a good band-aid. It can help free up capacity and address low-level behavior health issues."Oelrich, an honorary commander for the USAF, spent five months conversing with USAF personnel to implement the STEP program at Fairchild Air Force Base as a solution to potentially offset the shortage of behavioral health services."Seeing something we helped build in Spokane used by the United States Air Force is exciting and encouraging," said Oelrich.Seventeen USAF personnel at Fairchild Airforce Base have been trained as STEP facilitators. These service members can facilitate STEP groups for their fellow soldiers. If successful, Oelrich hopes it expands to other bases."We've developed a model that is easy to scale up," Oelrich said. " That's one of the program's strengths." ... See MoreSee Less
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