Consultation to Businesses, Agencies, Institutions

CTSE provides a variety of services. These include:

  1. Tailored Programs & Trainings to groups, organizations, businesses, etc. We often use our popular Stress and Trauma Education Program(STEP) as a foundation and then build from it a program or training to meet your unique needs.

  2. Organizational Stress & Trauma Evaluation– Often staffing issues are related to stress or trauma experienced in the workplace. We can provide support and confidential evaluation that protects the privacy of employees while providing the organization with helpful strength-based feedback.

  3. Consultation services in response to traumatic or stressful events. If your organization has experienced a traumatic or stressful event, we can provide consultation and support in responding to it.

    Confidentiality is assured throughout all our services. 

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“This was what I and our staff needed. STEP opened our eyes to some issues and gave myself and our staff the tools to address them.” 

-Principal Jabez Harlan

“I had several participants come up to me and share how this was the best workshop they have done since becoming a social workers for the NYC Department of Education…  …it was a meaningful day of connection, reflection, healing, and inspiration.” 

-Jenice Acosta, LCSW

“STEP was a lifesaver for our restaurant’s staffing problems after the pandemic. The program helped our employees and the feedback from CTSE helped us make healthy changes.”

-Restaurant Owner

“The feedback from CTSE was what our leadership team needed to hear to better support and respond to our employees.”

-CEO, Social Services Organization