Priority Spokane

Priority Spokane is an endeavor to create a vibrant future for Spokane County by implementing community-defined goals. It is through collaborative and focused efforts on improvements that Spokane County will be a flourishing community for all who live and work here.


In 2004, Eastern Washington University’s (EWU) Institute for Policy and Economic Analysis commenced the Community Indicators Initiative (CII). This initiative involved the collection of data – or indicators – to assess the state of the Spokane community in terms of economic vitality, education, health, environment and numerous other factors. A group of community leaders involved in the CII process recognized the value of the indicators for identifying priority community problems and for measuring change on these issues over time. These leaders represented local government, businesses, nonprofit organizations and local funders. With the vision to prioritize community action to measurably improve the community, these leaders officially launched Priority Spokane in 2008.

Priority Spokane’s current priority: Reducing the harmful impact of trauma and violence on children and families across Spokane County through the expansion of Peer Support.

CTSE and Priority Spokane combined efforts in support of this priority by providing virtual and in person COVID Stress & Trauma Education Programs (STEP).